Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer money at the ease of sitting at home or office?

Yes. Mobi Remit. Using our mobile application you can do the remittances. By using your debit cards issued by banks in Oman or You can send money by depositing/transferring money to Al Jadeed Exchange through the following accounts;

Bank Muscat – 042 3010 7796 700 84
BANK DHOFAR – 0104 1226 0220 02
OMAN ARAB BANK – 3160 664376 500

For any assistance please contact any of AJX branches

* Subject to AML/KYC compliance

What is bank transfer?

Crediting money to your bank account back in your home country is bank transfer. We have tied up with over 26 banks for your added convenience. An IMPS is our bank transfer service through which you can credit money to your beneficiary’s bank account in real time.

Which mode of Money transfer is better for me?

Depending on the time, your location and the receiver’s location, the mode of money transfer differs.

I have some concerns over a transaction, whom can I contact?

Please send us the details of your transaction to or call us on +968 91455455.

What is transaction fee?

Transaction fee is the commission we charge for offering our services to you. Contact our staff at the counter for more details on the transaction fee.

What is an exchange rate?

Different countries have their own currency. In any money transfer or foreign exchange transaction, there is a domestic currency and a foreign currency which will have different values. The difference between these two rates will have an impact on the money you send or receive.

Are the exchange rates the same every day?

No. the exchange rates are dynamic.

How quickly does the money sent through you reach the beneficiary account?

Time taken for your money to reach beneficiary account depends upon the mode of remittance you have chosen and the beneficiary location.

Where can I locate Al Jadeed Exchange?

You can locate any of our branches easily either by Contacting 91455 455, Logging on to our Mobile app / website and clicking on Branches link.