What’s Oman Vision 2040?

MOVING FORWARD WITH CONFIDENCE. The Oman Vision 2040 is a 20-year nationwide multisector document representing a guide and key reference for planning activities. The aim is to (i) build a productive and diversified economy, founded on innovation, integration of roles, and equal opportunities; (ii) leverage Oman’s competitive advantages, driven by the private sector towards integration into the world economy and active contribution to international trade; and (iii) achieve inclusive and sustainable development, based on effective economic leadership that operates within an institutional framework of coherent and contemporary economic policies and legislation, to ensure financial sustainability diversifying public revenues. The Sultanate aims to (i) double the per capita share of GDP to reach a 6 percent growth, with non-oil sectors, primarily tourism, logistics, manufacturing, fisheries and mining; (ii) increase the rate of Omani nationals in the private sector to 42%; and (iii) increase foreign investment to 10 percent of GDP. Check here for full details: http://extwprlegs1.fao.org/docs/pdf/oma201987E.pdf