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Our Mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the iOS App Store and you can send money at its easiness. The app supports all Debit Cards issued in Oman.

Our Key Services

Immediate credit services to all major banks in India, Philippines Bangladesh, Pakistan & Srilanka
Mobile application for online services and customer support
SMS Services for easy tracking and delivery confirmation
Various Fast Cash service facilities available at customers convenience.
Mobile and Dish TV recharge facility
Send or Receive money from our branches across Oman

Partner Banks and
IMT Channels

We have different types of Banking partners arcoss the globe to make sure that we offer the best services to our customers. Immediate service delivery with best rate in industry and dedicated support are always assured. And the technology that will continue to make it a bigger part of our world in the future. Some of our partners are....

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It’s fast and easy to send money online. All you need to do:

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COVID 19 Updates.

What can be done to protect against the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Following procedures to be applied to reduce the risk and prevent the infection: Avoid direct contact with anyone with symptoms of cold or respiratory infection. Cover nose and mouth…

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The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) warned individuals and shops for involving in the remittance business without its license and approval by using an app called Bkash.

CBO called on all citizens and residents to exercise caution and avoid transferring funds through services provided by individuals and shops that are not licensed by the bank. “It is illegal and criminal to engage in unlicensed money transfer activities…