Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information has always been fundamental in the way we do business at Al Jadeed – Exchange.

Our privacy policy informs you of the ways we help protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your information.

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Al Jadeed Exchange standards in service delivery and welcomes feedback from individuals, users of our services and anyone who works with us, on all aspects of our services. Such feedback is vital in helping us evaluate and improve our work.

The objectives of Al Jadeed Exchange policy and procedures are to:

  • Ensure everyone knows how to make a complaint and how a complaint will be handled
  • Ensure that complaints are dealt with consistently, fairly and sensitively within clear time frames
  • Provide individuals with a fair and effective way to complain about our work
  • Ensure that complaints are monitored to improve our services

Al Jadeed Exchange will ensure that we:

  • Listen carefully to complaints and treat complaints as confidential, where possible
  • Record, store and manage all complaints accurately and in accordance with the privacy policy
  • Investigate the complaint fully, objectively and within the stated time frame
  • Notify the complainant of the results of the investigation and any right of appeal
  • Inform the complainant of any action that will be implemented in order to ensure that there is no re-occurrence
  • Report on an annual basis, the number of complaints received the outcomes and any actions taken. (Can be considered Later)

Definition of a complaint

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction by an individual, whether justified or not.

An individual may make a complaint if they feel Al Jadeed Exchange has:

  • Failed to provide a service or an acceptable standard of service or made a mistake in the way the service was provided
  • Failed to act in a proper way
  • Provided an unfair service

This policy and procedure relate only to complaints received about Al Jadeed Exchange.

Concern or Complaint

It is important to establish the difference between a concern and a complaint. Taking informal concerns seriously at the earliest stage will reduce the likelihood of their developing into formal complaints.

If you have any concerns about our work please tell a counter staff or their manager as soon as possible, so they can quickly understand your concerns and try to put things right.

If you are not happy with the response to your concern and/or you want to make a formal complaint please follow the procedure below.

Complaints Procedure

Al Jadeed Exchange aims to settle the majority of complaints quickly and satisfactorily by the staff who provides the service. The complaint may be resolved quickly by way of an apology or by an acceptable explanation to the individual.

There are three stages to the complaint’s procedure:

  • Stage One – the complaint
  • Stage Two – investigation
  • Stage Three – appeal

Stage One – Complaint

  • The complaint can be written or if the individual prefers they can tell someone at AJX or someone else, who will write it down for them. The complainant will need to sign it.
  • Individuals wishing to make a complaint should contact the person who provided the service, or their line manager. Alternatively, they can contact us by writing to our customer service: or  / or call us 0968 – 91455455 &  0968-24092700
  • On receipt, each complaint will be allocated a reference number and logged on the complaints register. Complainants must receive an acknowledgement within 5 working days of receipt of a signed complaint.

Stage Two – Investigation

  • All complaints at this stage should be dealt with by a manager. If they need to meet with the complainant, they will do so within seven working days of receiving the written complaint.
  • Complaints will be fully investigated, and a written response provided to the complainant within ten working days by the investigator.
  • The complainant will receive written confirmation of the outcome of any investigation any recommendations/remedies made, such as reviewing of policies, staff development and training or appropriate improvement to our services.
  • Where the complaint has upheld an apology should be offered.
  • Occasionally investigations may take longer, particularly if the complaint is complex. Should this be the case a holding letter will be sent after ten working days and a final date given for a conclusion to be reached. (Not Necessary )
  • If an individual remains dissatisfied with the outcome from Stage Two they can appeal within fourteen working days of the date of the outcome and progress to Stage Three.
  • The complaints register will be updated, and any pending complaints flagged so they are followed up

Stage Three – Appeal

  • If the complaint cannot be resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction at stage two, or if the manager feels that the complaint is very serious, or concerns a service leader then it will be referred to the General Manager.
  • If the complaint is about the General Manager then the matter will be discussed with Board Members.
  • The General Manager and/or Board Members will acknowledge receipt within 10 working days, they will review the Stage Two investigation and recommend one of the following actions within ten working days (from the date the complainant stated they wanted to take the complaint to stage 3):
  • Uphold the action taken at Stage Two
  • Make changes to the Stage Two recommendation/actions
  • The complainant should be informed in writing of the outcome of stage three, the decision reached about this complaint will then be final but other options available to the complainant (as listed below) should be detailed in the letter.
  • If after Al Jadeed Exchange has been through the three stages and the complainant is still not satisfied with the result, they should be advised that there is no further right of appeal with Al Jadeed Exchange  but they could approach any of the following agencies for advice:

A attorney

Consumer Protection Authority

This should be done within one month of receiving the outcome from the appeal.

Anonymous complaints

  • Complaints received anonymously will be recorded and considered, but action may be limited if further information is required to ensure a full and fair investigation.

Data protection

  • To process a complaint Al Jadeed Exchange will hold personal data about the complainant, which the individual provides, and which other people give in response to the complaint. We will hold this data securely and only use it to address the complaint. The identity of the person making the complaint will only be known to those who need to consider the complaint and will not be revealed to other people or made public. However, it may not be possible to preserve confidentiality in some circumstances, for example, where relevant legislation is applied or allegations are made which involve the conduct of third parties.
  • Al Jadeed Exchange will normally destroy complaints files in a secure manner 10 years after the complaint has been closed.

Complaints information will be considered on a regular basis by the Management Team. Wherever possible the data will be used to improve and develop the service.

Policy Inquiries

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please write to us at

Report fraud:

We urge you to report fraudulent activities, not only to protect yourselves, but to protect others as well.

To report any fraudulent activities please contact:

Royal Oman Police

  • Toll-free number 9999
  • Combating economic crimes ( Blackmail and fraud) -24569701

You can also report it to Al-Jadeed Exchange:

Customer service number: 91455455


Typical consumer fraud examples
1.    Internet Purchase Scams

Customers are led to believe they are purchasing an item from a legitimate company or seller through the Internet. The customer purchases an item on the Internet and is instructed to make a payment through AJX. The suspect receives the money but no merchandise is ever received by the customer.

2.    Tax Scam

Victim is contacted by someone claiming to be from a governmental agency saying that money is owed for taxes, and it must be paid immediately to avoid arrest, deportation or suspension of driver’s license/passport.

3.    Lottery / Sweepstakes Scams

Customers are tricked into believing they have won a lottery prize or sweepstakes, even though they did not purchase a ticket for the lottery or enter a sweepstakes drawing. Victims are notified by e-mail that their e-mail address was selected as the winner of a lottery or sweepstakes. In order to receive the winnings, the customer must send money to pay fees for processing, insurance, customs, tax etc.

  1. Overpayment Scam

The fraudster sends the victim a cheque that appears to be valid as payment for a service or product. Typically, the amount of the cheque exceeds what the victim expects to receive, and the fraudster tells the victim to send the excess back using a money transfer. When the cheque bounces, the victim is left responsible for the full amount.

5.    Romance Scams

There are various forms of Romance Scams known as on-line dating, social networking and “mail order bride” services. All of these scams involve tricking the customer into providing funds to a person the customer believes he/she has a relationship with.

Protect yourself

  • Remain vigilant and do not share personal details with anyone.
  • Confirm the credentials of the person contacting you.
  • Never send money to unverified sources/unknown people.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links
  • Report suspicious activities to the relevant authorities immediately.